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Re: New Feathered Dinosaur

Not necessarily.  Depends on indicated airspeed,  altitude  (temperature), and
method of energy production.  Some of the larger pterosaurs would not need
insulation, and would not even need to be endothermic.  I'm not saying that
they wouldn't be or weren't, only that the necessities of soaring flight
wouldn't necessarily require it.


P.S.  Did I use enough variants of the word 'necessary' ?  :-)

Gordon Martin Human wrote:

> Just a wild guess, but wouldn't prolonged flight (including soaring)
> *require* insulation of some type in any animal, due to the heat loss
> associated with sustained passage of air over (relative to body volume)
> large body surfaces?
> Can anyone propose an animal (other than insect) that fits the above flight
> profiles that is *not* insulated in some way?
> cheers, martin