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New Feathered Dinosaur (pterosaur is not)


> Are you suggesting that dino fuzz and pterosaur fur are indicators that the 
> two
> groups (pterosaurs and theropods) are closely related??

Before this goes anywhere further, I think that if you read the paper you will
notice that the long fibers around the arms come in tuffs and have barbules. So
the resemblance with Sordes ends THERE.
Yes we may call convergence to the hairlike quality of >some< of the structures,
but as David Unwin demonstrated rather convincingly in the last SVPCA, 
are hypermodified prolacertiforms, well away from any direct dinosaur ancestry
from being any really close relative. And I agree with him 100%. Every bit of 
pterosaur anatomy is really different from dinosaurs and any convergence is just
that: Convergence.

Luis Rey

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