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Re: New Feathered Dinosaur

Patrick Mellor wrote:

Looking at croc ancestors, and early crocs, their skeletal proportions >often seem to be very cursorial, and they seem to have had fully >upright posture. These are classic signs of endothermy, but modern >crocs are fully ectothermic.

If the bipedal crocodylomorphs of the Triassic period (usually referred to as sphenosuchians) represent a monophyletic group, then it is likely that upright posture and bipedality are derived characters within the Crocodylomorpha, evolved within the sphenosuchian lineage. Under this scenario, the Crocodylia (including modern crocodilians) retained the quadrupedal posture that is primitive for the Archosauriformes (and the Crocodylomorpha).



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