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WAM science art!

For those few of you out there who happen to be in Perth next week, I
heartily recommend you take a look at this!

The Art of Science

a display to celebrate National Science Week at The Western Australian
Museum  between May 4th-May 12th in the majestic (ie. incredibly old, tatty
and dusty) Hellenic Gallery.  That week is National Science Week, and the
idea is that
this exhibition will highlight the use of science in art, and how scientific
illustration can be its own unique and entracing genre of artform.

I can tell you that the material (by the creme of WA's wildlife artists and
scientific illustrators)  on display is drop dead gorgeous! Much of it is
for sale as well.The official launch is 5.00pm on Friday, BYO.

Dinosaur buffs should have a ball as there will be a bunch of paleo-pics on
display by yours truly, John Long, Tony Windberg (the guy who did the polar
allosaur on the cover of 'Dinosaurs of Australia and New Zealand') and