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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #157

Due to a very heavy workload January-April, it has been almost three months 
since the last DGL corrections. In the intervening time, I managed to make a 
few minor cosmetic changes to the Dinosaur Genera List and added names #901 
and 902:

"Saltriosaurus" Dalla Vecchia, 2001 [nomen nudum]

Draconyx Mateus & Antunes, 2001

The former appears in the article

Dalla Vecchia, F. M., 2001. "A New Theropod Dinosaur from the Lower Jurassic 
of Italy," Dino Press 3: 81-87 [illustrated by Berislav Krzic].

It is not formally named or described, but it is nicknamed "Saltriosaurus," 
making that name eligible for inclusion as a nomen nudum in the Dinosaur 
Genera List. No type species is named for this genus in the article. The 
genus is also added to the tables for the second printing of Mesozoic 
Meanderings #3.

The latter appears in the paper

Mateus, O. & Antunes, M. T., 2001. "Draconyx loureiroi, a new
Camptosauridae (Dinosauria, Ornithopoda) from the Late Jurassic of Lourinha, 
Portugal," Annales Paleontol. 87(1): 67-73.

Thanks to Christian F. Kammerer for very recently notifying the dinosaur list 
about this new genus. We also add the following genus and species to the 
tables for the second printing of Mesozoic Meanderings #3:

Draconyx Mateus & Antunes, 2001
    D. loureiroi Mateus & Antunes, 2001(Type)

A recent paper by Dave Peters

Peters, D., 2000. "A reexamination of four prolacertiforms with implications 
for pterosaur systematics," Rivista Italiana di Paleontologia e Stratigrafia 
106(3): 293-336 [December 2000].

provides the some of the best figures and data yet published on Longisquama, 
Cosesaurus, and Sharovipteryx. This work supersedes all previous work on 
those genera and places them well inside the Prolacertiformes, more or less 
closely sister-related to Pterosauria. In particular, this removes Longisquama
 from Dinosauria, so I have asterisked that genus in the Dinosaur Genera 
List. The paper makes an excellent case for removing Pterosauria from 
Archosauria, so that (for example) the well-defined clade Ornithodira now 
includes a number of peculiar prolacertiform genera as well as all the 
remaining archosaurs from Proterosuchus through birds (heh heh).

A recent paper by Peter Galton

Galton, P. M., 2000. "Are Spondylosoma and Staurikosaurus (Santa Maria 
Formation, Middle-Upper Triassic, Brazil) the oldest saurischian dinosaurs?" 
Paläontologische Zeitschrift 74(3): 393-423.

reclassifies Spondylosoma as a rauisuchid, so I have asterisked that genus in 
the Dinosaur Genera List, too.

I have also made a number of other changes to the Mesozoic Meanderings 
tables, such as imploding the tyrannosaurids as per my earlier post on the 
Tyrannosaurid Implosion. I can email the latest versions of the six tables of 
dinosaurs by continent as typeset WordPerfect 6.1 documents to anyone who 
wants them (specify Windows or Mac/other). They are also available at Mike 
Keesey's Dinosauricon website


I'll publish the second printing in book form once the first printing sells 
out (about 50 copies remain).

The Dinosaur Genera List may be reached from my website


which also displays the covers of the first three issues of Dino Press; or 
more directly at