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Re: European Triassic theropods

On Wed, 2 May 2001 02:00:21   
 Mickey_Mortimer wrote:

>Also, a theropod femoral fragment (Galton, 1985) is known from the 
>Stubensandstein of Germany and some probable theropod teeth (Buffetaut and 
>Wouters, 1986) are known from the Norian of France and Knollenmergel of 
>Switzerland and Germany.  Megalosaurus? cloacinus, M? obtusus and 
>"Plateosaurus" ornatus were not considered, as they are based on teeth.

These French teeth intrigue me.  Are they from the same French unit in which 
Plateosaurus is found (I believe the unit is unnamed)?  Also, what is the 
original 1986 ref that you mention?


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