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I'm back 3


Well, I must say that I can’t abide being treated the way I was. I hope all of you that will go to the SVP will enjoy the breakfast, because I won’t be there. I won’t post on my opinions, thoughts or any new articles that I come across. This is the only way that I can think of to protest the way I was treated. During the time I was off there were many things I wanted to say but couldn’t. There was something that I came across and needed to ask as many people I could but couldn’t. Since this has restricted my research and my ability to post my thoughts I can no longer be on this list. This has nothing to do with PN but with Mickey. Do not reply to the list about this. Either just me or Mickey.


I don’t like being treated like a child and wish no ill will for the person that I was posting with that started this. Before I go I must tell everyone that you should watch what you write. Don’t write or send before your really ready (especially since what you post is available to everyone around the world and can be detrimental for you later on, and is saved someplace on the internet). This was extreme to me, to extreme. You don’t punish someone who is working for the system.


Again, do not clutter the list with your comments on this, just me or Mickey.


Good luck to you all.


Tracy L. Ford

P. O. Box 1171

Poway Ca  92074