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Re: [Re: JP3 Trailer]

"I must admit, I was skeptical at first, but after seeing the add, I've
got"... even more skeptical. 
The "raptor-things" look like accelerating away from what the latest
scientific finds tell about the dinosaurs of that 2sort". I must say, I also
don't care for the "evil" look in their eyes. Where are the "feathers"? I
presume they wanted to keep the consistent (outdated) look.
Am I imagining things or is that a Spinosaurus playing a role of a
"submarine"? I suppose he uses his sail as a periscope.A brand new theory for
the function of the sail!<G>
Pteranodon is not very convincing either.
However, the action scenes are well done... I wonder if the story holds the
water? The last JP had a very thin plot.
Berislav Krzic

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