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Re: [Re: JP3 Trailer] (possible spoilers!!!)

From: Berislav Krzic <illustrissimus@usa.net>

The "raptor-things" look like accelerating away from what the latest
scientific finds tell about the dinosaurs of that 2sort". I must say, I >also don't care for the "evil" look in their eyes. Where are the "feathers"?

Although I agree with you, Berislav, Universal at least took a step in the right direction. Some of their "raptors" at least have some type of feathered frill on their necks- something reminiscent of the _Ornitholestes_ from WWD.

I presume they wanted to keep the consistent (outdated) look.

Oh, I don't know if I would say that. Compare these new "Velociraptors" to those seen in the original JP. They've changed very much in appearance.

Am I imagining things or is that a Spinosaurus playing a role of a
"submarine"? I suppose he uses his sail as a periscope.A brand new >theory for the function of the sail!

Must admit, I'm not crazy about that shot either. Oh well, it's good for suspense, if nothing else!

Pteranodon is not very convincing either.

How so? We barely got to see it in the trailer.

However, the action scenes are well done... I wonder if the story holds >the water? The last JP had a very thin plot.

It does from what I've heard. I've been anticipating this film for a while now and following what's being said of it. Thankfully, the general concensus is that it will be better than the second film in the series.

Keep yer fingers crossed...

-Jordan Mallon


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