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Re: New Feathered Dinosaur

David Marjanovic writes:

AFAIK only one crocodylomorph, *Gracilisuchus stipanicicorum* (the basalmost one AFAIK), is thought to have been bipedal (others say semibipedal). I don't know anything about hallopodids, except that they are from the Morrison formation, Marsh classified them with coelurosaurs, and they are now regarded as the last sphenosuchians or suchlike.

I thought the sphenosuchians were facultatively bipedal - which explains the disparity between the lengths of the arms and legs. Eg. Gracilisuchus (which may be a rauisuchian), Saltoposuchus and Sphenosuchus.

Hallopus is not (AFAIK) a sphenosuchian, thought it is a crocodylomorph. Crocodylian classification confuses me, very much.

P.S. On a totally separate topic: Why is it people find it so easy to work out how to subscribe to this list, but find it impossible to work out how to get off it ??


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