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Re: New Feathered Dinosaur

In a message dated 5/4/01 11:45:45 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
z_heraklides@hotmail.com writes:

I thought the sphenosuchians were facultatively bipedal - which explains the 
disparity between the lengths of the arms and legs. Eg. Gracilisuchus (which 
may be a rauisuchian), Saltoposuchus and Sphenosuchus.

       Sphenosuchians actually have lengthened wrist bones in their forelimbs 
(radiale and ulnare, I think), so I imagine they were quadrapedal. Years ago 
I attempted a restoration of one, and, in my research, I found that their 
limb proportions resembled that of the living elephant shrew somewhat. I'm 
sure a croc expert will help us out here. DV.