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Re: New Feathered Dinosaur

> >AFAIK only one crocodylomorph, *Gracilisuchus stipanicicorum* (the
> >basalmost one AFAIK), is thought to have been bipedal (others say
> >semibipedal). I don't know anything about hallopodids, except that they
> >>from the Morrison formation, Marsh classified them with coelurosaurs,
> >they are now regarded as the last sphenosuchians or suchlike.
> I thought the sphenosuchians were facultatively bipedal - which explains
> disparity between the lengths of the arms and legs. Eg. Gracilisuchus
> may be a rauisuchian), Saltoposuchus and Sphenosuchus.

Oh, yeah, *Saltoposuchus* is also assumed to have been (semi)bipedal... last
time I read something about it anyway, which is some years ago. :-/
The lengthened radiale & ulnare HP Dan Varner mentioned are AFAIK a
crocodylomorph synapomorphy, interpreted as a sort of mimicking digitigrady
(vertical proximal carpals instead of metacarpals).