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RE: Gloating

Yes, well... I was trying to emphasize the "clothed with feathers" part. But
still... whatever your ancestral group is, there would still have had to be
a "protofeather" stage. Flight feathers did not suddenly just spring into
being. I think it's reasonable to assume that these "protofeathers" could
have first been used for other things (insulation, display, etc.). So
feathers were _still_ exaptations for flight.

Anyway... who cares? My whole point was that we have all these cool new
feathered dinosaurs to admire, when Gould and Vrba were merely dreaming
about them. :)

Mike D.

George said:
"The problem here is showing that the "small running dinosaur" was
"ancestral to birds" or even close to it. The "small running dinosaur" could
also have >descended< from birds, and until this case can be eliminated, you
won't be anywhere near showing that feathers were exaptations for flight."