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Re: European Triassic theropods

Steve Brusatte wrote-

> These French teeth intrigue me.  Are they from the same French unit in
which Plateosaurus is found (I believe the unit is unnamed)?  Also, what is
the original 1986 ref that you mention?

Well, I checked the reference today.
Indeed, these are from the same deposit as Plateosaurus (mid Norian age).
Other remains include Plagiosaurus (skull bone, centra, clavicle, dermal
plates), Capitosauridae (palatine) and Rutiodon ruetimeyeri (teeth,
premaxilla, dermal plates).  The teeth exhibit typical theropod morphology
(laterally compressed, recurved, serrated) and only have anterior serrations
distally.  They range from less than 10 mm to over 22 mm in length.  The
authors suggest they are theropod because sphenosuchians have less
curvature.  The teeth are currently stored in the Institut royal des
Sciences naturelles de Belgique (specimen numbers a2624-a2627).

Mickey Mortimer