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Re: JP3 Trailer

There was one (Pteranodon) at the very last scene of the second movie. It was
very beautifully done, even if it's perch on a tree limb sparked some
controversy (rightfully so).

>From the little I've seen of the trailer and preview shots of JP3, the
Pteranodons look absolutely huge, almost airplane-sized. If they needed to have
such large flying beasts for good effect, why not feature a more appropriate
genus such as Quetzalcoatlus (my personal favorite) or even Ornithoheirus??
These two had wingspans approaching 40 feet unlike Pteranodon's ~25-foot
wingspan, and would have been more formidable in the air.

Now that were on the topic of size, what's with the gargantuan Spinosaurus?
That thing looked bigger than Giganotosaurus and the animatronic allegedly has
an 8-foot skull?!? What was the actual length of Spinosaurus' skull?

Lisa Buckley wrote:

>         The pterosaurs were kept in an aviary in the books, but there
> didn't seem to be one in the movies. :->
>         Lisa Buckley
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> >>From what I understand of the series, the pterosaurs are kept within some
> >sort of aviary.
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