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Actually, the position of articulated skeletons in situ indicate the quadruped
stance of  big hadrosaurs and iguanodonts. Smaller genera and the young
animals might have been true and/or occasional bipeds. Some of the ichno data
is consistent with this assumption.

Berislav Krzic

"Jordan Mallon" <j_mallon@hotmail.com> wrote:
As I understand it, Joe Johnston said the animals were _Corythosaurus_ and 
I haven't yet heard the argument that you mention about only smaller 
hadrosaurs being bipedal.  What does it entail?  (I'm guessing the argument 
behind the bipedal mega-hadrosaurs is that the animals were running, and 
therefore assumed a bipedal stance.)

-Jordan Mallon


>From: Berislav Krzic <illustrissimus@usa.net>
>To: j_mallon@hotmail.com
>Subject: Re: [Re: JP3 Trailer]
>Date: 5 May 2001 07:01:47 MET DST
>There are also some big hadrosaurs (Corythosaurus or Hypacrosaurus?) 
>in a bipedal mode in the trailer. I thought the issue was resolved and that
>the consensus is that only the smaller hadrosaurs were bipeds while the 
>ones were mostly quadrupeds? Any new theories on this issue?
>Berislav Krzic
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