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Re: JP3 Trailer

The published accounts put Pteranodon sternbergi (the largest species of
Pteranodon) at about 30 feet in wingspan.  P. longiceps is about 23 to 25
feet or so.   They probably used Pteranodon because it is more recognizable
to the public, with the crest and all.   I wasn't on the list during any
debate about the "branch incident," but our paleo group here has discussed
it at length.

As far as Spinosaurus, I seem to remember that the only specimen of it was
destroyed during WWII.  I guess that gives the JP3 staff enough artistic
license to do whatever they want.  Not like they took that much license
with any of the dinosaurs in the previous movies...

What does the destruction of type material do to the validity of the name
Spinosaurus?  For all we really know, Suchomimus could be the same critter.
Any thoughts?


Chris Ott
University of Wisconsin-Madison
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Department of Geology and Geophysics
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