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Re: JP3 Trailer

Hi all,

I don't say much here, these days, but thought I would comment on this thread.

Synomy between _Suchomimus_ and _Spinosaurus_ would have to be demonstrated,
same as if the holotype hadn't been destroyed (I'm unfamiliar with the
specifics of these two genera, but I assume Sereno et. al. must have compared
_Suchomimus_ to the existing illustrations and written descriptions of
_Spinosaurus_ before establishing _Suchomimus_).

Indeed, comparisons were made between _Suchomimus_, _Baryonyx_, _Spinosaurus_, and _Irritator_. There seem to be two lineages of Spinosauridae, the Baryonychinae and the Spinosaurinae (or "-ini" for each of these "-inae", a semantic issue). Peculiarities of the jaws and tooth replacement show that _Suchomimus_ is not _Spinosaurus_. The height of the neural spines could be cited as further evidence (_Suchomimus_ had much shorter neural spines) that the two are distinct, though this might be sexually dimorphic.

There are more differences and I could add to the list when I get back to the office, if I think that there is any interest.

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