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Re: JP3 Trailer

Christopher Ott wrote-

> What does the destruction of type material do to the validity of the name
> Spinosaurus?  For all we really know, Suchomimus could be the same
> Any thoughts?

Suchomimus is not synonymous with Spinosaurus.  Spinosaurus has-
serrationless teeth; tooth crowns with reduced curvature; widely spaced
dentary teeth; dentary teeth posterior to fourth not reduced compared to
others; posterior dentary deeper; less than twenty dentary teeth; extremely
long dorsal neural spines.  As has been mentioned, some think that
Suchomimus is synonymous with Baryonyx.  Differences mentioned by Sereno et
al. (1998) include the following characters in Suchomimus- elongate
subnarial process that nearly excludes maxilla from external naris;
broadened and heightened posterior dorsal, sacral and proximal caudal
vertebrae; robust humeral tuberosities; hypertrophied ulnar olecranon
process that is offset from the humeral articulation; hook-shaped radial

Mickey Mortimer