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Re: Destroyed Fossils (was: Re: JP3 Trailer)

T. Mike Keesey wrote-

> Still missing are the holotypes of _Amphicoelias fragillimus_,
> _Calamospondylus oweni_, _Notoceratops bonarelli_, and _Odontorhynchus
> aculeatus_ (my database includes pterosaurs).

And "Megalosaurus" hungaricus, Erectopus sauvagei, Apatodon mirus (=
Allosaurus sp.), "Ornithomimus" grandis and "Ornithomimus" minutus.

> Destroyed holotypes: _Aegyptosaurus baharijensis_, _Bahariasaurus ingens_,
> _Caudocoelus sauvagei_, _Podokesaurus holyokensis_, _Poekilopleuron
> bucklandii_, _Spinosaurus aegyptiacus_. All of these were destroyed in
> World War II, except for _Podokesaurus_, destroyed in a fire.

And Carcharodontosaurus saharicus (Megalosaurus saharicus holotype).

Mickey Mortimer