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Re: ... vs energy deficient gigantothermy (boo hiss)

> >Time alone is not enough, of course. The biggest known mammal of all
> >165 or so million years of mammal history was the 1 m long platypus
> >*Steropodon galmani*.
> _Didelphodon vorax_ Marsh 1889, a bader-sized metatherian from the Hell
> Creek Formation of Montana, was at least as large as _Steropodon galmani_
> (and similar-sized monotremes of SE Australia).

A typical case of an answer that multiplies the questions... :-)
- Do 1-m-long badgers exist (apart from extinct *Deinogalerix*)??? :-/
- I've forgotten whether *Steropodon* or *Kollikodon* is estimated at 1 m
(the respective other was more normal platypus size, AFAIK), but have any
others turned up from Cretaceous Australia?
- Has the 1-m-estimate turned out to be wrong anyway?