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Request: artwork urgently needed

This is directed to the artists on the list.

For a chapter on fossil turtles (in my book on turtles) I am (thanks to my publishers!) in URGENT need of some restorations of a variety of non-dino taxa (urgent as in this month). These can be b&w or colour, though given that my publisher does not pay huge sums gladly b&w might be better! Does anyone have existing art work that I could use?

Anyway, I need the following (full and/or skeleton drawings):

Any pareiasaur
Any procolophonid (Owenetta preferred)
any other mesozoic turtle
any meiolaniid

Please reply to me personally!

Ronald I. Orenstein Phone: (905) 820-7886
International Wildlife Coalition Fax/Modem: (905) 569-0116
1825 Shady Creek Court
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5L 3W2 mailto:ornstn@home.com