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Postdoctoral education and research opportunity

This, as they say, is just in...

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Date: Mon, 07 May 2001 11:39:30 -0500
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From: Shawn VanDerziel <svanderziel@fieldmuseum.org>
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Chicago, IL

Education Program Developer
Postdoctoral Research Scientist
A joint appointment with the Education and Geology Departments

The Education and Geology Departments of The Field Museum seek a 
post-doctoral scientist to serve as a Program Developer within the 
Education Department (50%) while pursuing scientific research activities 
within the Geology Department (30%) and serving as liaison between the two 
departments (20%).  The incumbent will report primarily to the Manager, 
Media Division in the Education Department and secondarily to the 
Department Chairman in the Geology Department.  This position initially 
will focus on Sue, the Museum's Tyrannosaurus rex, but will include other 
areas of paleontology and evolution, as feasible.

Education Department Duties (50%)

?       Take the lead, working with staff in Education and Geology, and 
establish a "curriculum design" that focuses on the scientific importance 
of Sue, and uses this specimen as a springboard to teach about dinosaurs, 
geology, evolution and earth science

?       Establish a database for easy access to answers for the most 
frequently asked questions about Sue, and other paleontological questions

?       Take the lead, working with the Education Department Volunteer 
Coordinator, Education and Geology Department staff, and design a 
comprehensive and ongoing training program for volunteers who will 
interpret Sue to the public-making links, whenever possible, between Sue 
and other parts of the Museum related to dinosaurs, geology, evolution and 
earth science

?       Serve as lead presenter for staff and volunteer training; recruit 
additional staff to assist, in consultation with Geology Department chair

?       Collaborate with the Education Developers who write materials like 
the Educators Resource guide and the Gallery Guide for the traveling Sue 
exhibition and for the Sue exhibition at The Field Museum

?       Collaborate with a team of educators and media specialists from The 
Field Museum to write concept scripts and write web-based curriculum for 
electronic field trips.

?       Serve as the host for Field Museum electronic media presentations 
related to Sue and dinosaurs

Geology Department Duties (30%)

?       Research and publication, in a field relevant to the 
Department.  Use of collections (Field Museum and others) is strongly 
encouraged.  Research should yield improvements to the collection, via 
publications and/or curatorial contributions, whenever 
possible.  Independent field work, especially if integrated with public 
programs, is possible.  Grant-seeking is encouraged, to support research 
and activities.

?       Other Geology Department duties, as needed

Liaison Duties (30%)

?       Provide content review, or coordinate content review, for all 
Education Department products and programs related to the dinosaur, Sue, 
coordinating with the Geology Department Chair

?       Facilitate access to dinosaur and geology scientists within The 
Field Museum, and at other locations as needed, to support Education 
Department products and programs related to the dinosaur, Sue, when such 
services cannot be provided by the incumbent

?       Attend department meeting in Education and Geology, as appropriate 
for projects, and facilitate communication between the two departments


         PH.D. in Geology or Biology, with specialization in dinosaurs or 
related discipline; ABD or equivalent will be considered in exceptional 

         Demonstrated skills in communicating complex ideas to general 
public audiences

         Research excellence, as demonstrated by publications or manuscripts

To Apply:

Send Letter of Interest and CV to:

Human Resources Department
The Field Museum
1400 S. Lake Shore Dr.
Chicago, IL  60605

fax:  312/665-7272
email:  hr@fieldmuseum.org

Shawn VanDerziel
Manager, Employment Services
The Field Museum
1400 S. Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, IL  60605-2496

PH:     (312)665-7276
FAX:  (312)665-7272
email:  svanderziel@fieldmuseum.org
web:  www.fieldmuseum.org

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