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RE: ... vs energy deficient gigantothermy (boo hiss)

On Mon, 7 May 2001, R. Irmis wrote:

> Thus, I question
> whether or not it is physiologically possible for a large mammal to have a
> large litter.  

For what reason do you question?

> The real advantage that archosaurs have is when environmental
> pressures on a population rear their head.  Because of the large
> reproductive capacity of large archosaurs, they can rebound much faster than
> a large mammal.

I think this is too relative to have meaning.  For example, if the
environmental pressure is predation, and predators have a much easier time
picking off lots of little babies than a well protected elephant baby, the
elephant's population will rebound more quickly.  Otherwise we might
expect to see more diverse communities of large archosaurs!  The question
is--one of the questions, anyway--why _don't_ archosaur populations
and diversify into a greater range of niches.