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Re: Destroyed Fossils (was: Re: JP3 Trailer)

>The Norden bomb sight was very accurate for its time. The Allies held
it top secret. The Germans tried time and again to get the plans for it.
The carpet bombing was >done to cripple the German industry,
transportation, and peoples' will. When you launch 500+ plane raids, a
lot of collateral damage is expected.
This is rather off-topic but to set the record straight the Germans
*did* get hold of the Norden bombsight, and while accurate for its time
it wasn't really accurate and no major advance over contemporary german
bombsights. The Americans which did daylight 'precision' bombing could
under ideal weather conditions put about 50% of bombs within 1,000 ft of
the aiming point. The English who attacked at night couldn't really hit
anything smaller than a city and the same is true for the Americans when
bombing by radar through overcast. Note that in Japan where the weather
is often very hazy the Americans, after trying 'precision attacks' for
several months, gave up and went over to area bombing at night with
inciendaries. Caen was a special case since this was the hardest
fought-over point in the battle for Normandy. The attacks there were in
direct support of allied ground troops and were actually as exact as
1944 technology permitted. This wasn't much help though since the
fighting was actually taking place in and immediately around the town. 
Tommy Tyrberg