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Re: ... vs energy deficient gigantothermy (boo hiss)

<While Wildebeest must deal with more predators, environment does not affect
as much as arctic climes do, where the environment is claimant to caribou
in greater degrees than wildebeest are subject to.>

If I'm following your argument correctly, you mean 'inclement' instead of
'claimant'.  Are you saying that there is a direct relationship between
climate and number of predators, that the harsher the climate the fewer
predators, and vice versa?
Also, I think you're arguing that the more turnover there is among species
in a changing climate, the more likely those species are to be
cold-blooded(?).  If true, then by the same logic wouldn't the replacement
species be more likely to be warm-blooded?
Just want to be sure I'm understanding.