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Re: Cladistics and stuff

<They were trying to figure out how to cook a frozen pizza (which should be
illegal in Buffalo, NY which has great real pizza). They were arguing how to
do it just the right way, when the grandmother of one of the friends heard
the ruckus and came into the kitchen and said "Just put the damn pizza in
the damn oven and see what the hell happens!" I see great wisdom from age

When my grandmother was a girl, her Irish-born grandmother heard two of her
adult children arguing in the kitchen about cheating at cards.  (My
grandmother assured me they both cheated, and were not very skilled at it.)
She came into the kitchen, picked up the cards without a word, lifted the
cover over the burner in the wood stove, and dropped them in.
Age values finality.  And stoves, per my daughter, to whom I read this
before sending it.