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Buffalo pizza (was Re: Cladistics and stuff)

In a message dated 5/8/01 6:54:07 PM EST, Chapman.Ralph@NMNH.SI.EDU writes:

<< They were trying to figure out how to cook a frozen pizza (which should be 
illegal in Buffalo, NY which has great real pizza). >>

One of my >very< few regrets about having moved from Buffalo to San Diego is 
losing the pizza. I've had pizzas in most major cities in the US (e.g., New 
York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Memphis), but I've yet to have one 
outside Buffalo that comes close to even a mediocre Buffalo pizza, let alone 
some of the better Buffalo pizzas. The >best< San Diego pizza I've had might 
be about as good as an average Buffalo pizza--the kind you can get at almost 
any pizza joint there. Buffalo is the good-pizza city of America.

That having been said, systematists should read Mike Benton's article on the 
shortcomings of cladistic taxonomies (which is what this thread is really 
about), just out in Systematic Zoology (I think that's where it is--my copy 
isn't handy right now).