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Re: Phylogenetic Nomenclature Again (Was: Buffalo pizza (was Re: Cladistics a...

In a message dated 5/9/01 7:41:29 AM EST, mike@tecc.co.uk writes:

<< If George is referring to _Stems, nodes, crown clades, and rank-free
 lists: is Linnaeus dead?_, that article can be read online at
 (and makes fascinating reading IMHO.)
 If it's not the same article as the one George is talking about (which
 is possible since it was published in November 2000 in _Biological
 Reviews, vol. 75, pp. 633-648) then it is at least the same author's
 perspectives on the same issues, so should cover much of the same
 ground. >>

These may be the same article, one the online version, the other the 
published version. Needs to be checked.