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RE: Eotyrannus lengi

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> In a message dated 5/9/01 1:14:53 PM EST, Danvarner@aol.com writes:
> << Our own Darren Naish is getting some terrific pub on this new theropod
>  from the Isle of Wight. >>
> Has this species been formally described (I note it has
> apparently appeared
> in print in the New York Times at least)? If so, who might the
> author(s) be,
> and what might the citation be?

Since the word is in the press, I think it safe for me to point out that the
paper was actually published at the end of April:

Stephen Hutt, Darren Naish, David M. Martill, Michael J. Barker, Penny
Newbery. 2001.  A preliminary account of a new tyrannosauroid theropod from
the Wessex Formation (Early Cretaceous) of southern England.   Cretaceous
Research 22(2): 227-242.

Abstract (and .pdf version, if you have access to it, which I don't) can be
found at:

Folks going to the Armour Symposium this weekend can get my take on
_Eotyrannus_ (the short form: I LIKE IT!!).  Incidentally, check the
archives for closing comments by HP Naish for his sly reference to this

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