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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #158

Thanks to Dan Varner and Tom Holtz, we can add genus #903 to the Dinosaur 
Genera List:

Eotyrannus Hutt, Naish, Martill, Barker & Newberry, 2001

The paper was published at the end of April:

Stephen Hutt, Darren Naish, David M. Martill, Michael J. Barker, Penny 
Newbery, 2001. "A preliminary account of a new tyrannosauroid theropod from 
the Wessex Formation (Early Cretaceous) of southern England," Cretaceous 
Research 22(2): 227-242.

We also add the following species to the list of European dinosaurs in 
Mesozoic Meanderings #3 second printing:

Eotyrannus Hutt, Naish, Martill, Barker & Newberry, 2001
    E. lengi Hutt, Naish, Martill, Barker & Newberry, 2001(Type)

Eotyrannus lengi is described as a basal tyrannosauroid and a news article 
about it appeared in the May 9, 2001 New York Times (online edition and 
presumably also the published edition).

With regard to "Saltriosaurus" in DGL corrections #157, Fabio M. Dalla 
Vecchia responded:

<"Saltriosaurus." Actually this name appeared many many times in the Italian 
press (in the Italian edition of Scientific American, for example) last 
November and December. That should be your source and reference, not my 
article. Thus, take into consideration this for your list of dinosaur genera. 
Cristiano Dal Sasso is the paleontologist working on that specimen and the
paternity of the generic name will be only of Cristiano.>>

I saw a few of the articles in the Italian press on "Saltriosaurus," and they 
all spelled the name as "Saltriosaurio" or some variant of that. I didn't see 
the name spelled in a Latinized manner as in the Dino Press article. That is 
to say, the usage in the Italian articles seemed too vernacular for inclusion 
in the Dinosaur Genera List, much like those Japanese dinosaur names that end 
in "ryu" that I also exclude from the List. However, in deference to Fabio's 
wishes, I have updated the listing for "Saltriosaurus" to:

"Saltriosaurus" Dal Sasso, 2000 [nomen nudum]

That's one of the pitfalls of carrying nomina nuda in the List. In due time, 
I expect, the specimen will be formally described and identified, and the 
listing will change accordingly. Either the quotation marks and nomen nudum 
notation will be deleted (and, if necessary, the author's name changed), or a 
reference indicating the correct name of the dinosaur will be inserted.

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