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Dinosaur FAQ #10

To my utter shock, it seems that three whole months have slipped by
since I last posted a new FAQ.  Apologies to everyone who cares for
the delay -- caused by a combination of other commitments and my
getting very bogged down in trying to synthesise all the input I've
had into FAQ #9 (What's the difference between classification,
phylogeny, systematics and cladistics?)  I've still not finished that
one to my satisfaction, but it should be done RSN.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who's contributed to that FAQ.  Now it's
time for FAQ #10, which is that perennial favourite:

        Are birds dinosaurs?

I've tackled this one because it really does seem to come up quite
often in various forms.  My first stab at an even-handed answer is at
As always, I welcome all feedback, however critical.

(Note that this question is not to do with avian phylogeny -- I will
cover that separately -- but purely about whether, if we accept birds
as dinosaur descendants, we should say that they _are_ birds.)

Thanks in advance,

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