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RE: New site on triassic vertebrates & more

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\uc1\pard\plain\deftab360 \f0\fs20\cf0 Silvio, that's a beautiful site! I keep waiting for more stuff into it.\par
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From: Silvio Renesto [mailto:renesto@mailserver.unimi.it]\par
Sent: mercredi 9 mai 2001 15:15\par
To: dinosaur@usc.edu\par
Subject: New site on triassic vertebrates & more\par
Dear listmembers,\par
\tab This message is to invite you all to visit our new  Vertebrate\par
Paleontology website. \par
This site concerns mainly Middle-Late Triassic vertebrates found in our\par
localities. A section on our quaternary mammals will follow in a future.\par
In the site you will find photos, reconstructions and artwork and obviously\par
descriptions and interpretations of specimens our research is focused on.\par
 The site has just started, thus only some sections are (nearly) complete,\par
i. e. Triassic reptiles ;-) \par
but you will find also many photos and drawings of our rare Middle-Late\par
Triassic fishes. We plan to make frequent updates however, and I will\par
inform you when new stuff is added. Most pictures can be enlarged by\par
clicking on.\par
Any query, comment, remark, suggestion or (useful) criticism you may have\par
about the site and the material is greatly welcome.\par
The URL is: http://users.unimi.it/vertpal/index.htm.\par
Hope you will enjoy.\par
\tab \tab \tab \tab Silvio Renesto\par
"Before being enlightened,   hard work; after enlightenment, hard work"\par
(Guo Yunshen).\par
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