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In a message dated 5/10/01 6:12:30 AM EST, darren.naish@port.ac.uk writes:

<< animal over the last few days and _The News_ (local paper for the 
 Portsmouth area) even refers to it as _Kittysaurus_... arghhhh!! Leader 
 line for the article states: 'His cat-like agility has earned him the 
 nickname kittysaurus - but this killer was no pussycat'. >>

The question now is, should I include the name Kittysaurus in the Dinosaur 
Genera List as a legitimately published nomen nudum for Eotyrannus? This is 
on a par with Elvisaurus (for Cryolophosaurus) and Chihuahuasaurus (for 
Sonorasaurus). This would become name #904 and would be listed like this:

Kittysaurus [Anonymous] 2001 [nomen nudum => Eotyrannus]

(I would change the [Anonymous] if the news article were bylined.)