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RE: JP3-Spinosaurus]

On 10 May 2001 10:33:52 MET   
 Berislav Krzic wrote:
>What about _Cristatusaurus?
>Cristatusaurus Taquet & D. A. Russell, 1998 [nomen dubium?]
> As far as I know, Taquet was the first one to discover the big spinosaurid
>claw, back in early 70'. It isn't quite clear yet, if this is a valid
>genus/species or not. I think there were two big thumb claws (of two
>specimens) discovered and attributed to this species (the smaller one is
>exhibited in the Paris museum). 
>All the big thumb claws belonging to Baryonyx, Suchomimus and Cristatusaurus
>are quite similar in shape and size (except the smaller Cristatusaurus
>specimen - which is about 25-30% smaller). No thumb claw has been discovered
>(described) that belonged to Spinosaurus, so it is still a speculative feature
>on every Spinosaurus restoration/reconstruction, although, quite probable.

I would also like some clarification on this.  I was in Paris about a month 
ago, and although my trip through the museum was rushed, I did see some 
spinosaurid material, including a nice thumb claw.  If I recall correctly, this 
claw was ascribed to the genus Spinosaurus.  As Beri noted, there have been no 
Spinosaurus thumb claws discovered as of yet.  

Does this claw actually belong to "Cristatusaurus" or am I mistaken (is it not 
actually labeled Spinosaurus)?


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