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New Feathered Theropod

I'm joining the conversation a bit late, but I had to
ask a quick question. Someone on the list suggested
that the feathery crest on this new dromie's snout
extended further into the slab in which it is
currently encased...has anyone examined the
counterslab to see if there was a second crest running
parallel to the one we see in all those (excellent)
pictures? maybe the 2 crests were compressed together?
There seems to be a trend for theropods to develop
double crests rather than singular ones (with several
important exceptions...) so I thought it would be
worth a comment. A couple months back I suggested that
the vascular foramina & rugosities on tyrannosaur
snouts may have served a cockatoo-style crest (correct
me if someone else thought of this first)...now that
we have a coelurosaur with a feathered crest on its
muzzle, maybe this isn't such a wild idea after all?

P.S. Good luck finding those Caimen goatees, HP
Keesey! :') 

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