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T-J Extinction event article (more media errors?)

They say that mammal-like reptiles (which would refer to Therapsiformes, not the earlier Pelycosauriformes which died out in the Permian) died out at the Triassic-Jurassic extinction event.
Are they confused? Another media snafu? I thought therapsids survived until the middle of the Jurassic.
------Ken Kinman
P.S. Can't these news organizations afford to hire a real scientist to proofread for accuracy? I'm beginning to wonder if they are just too cheap to hire someone to provide a little accuracy, or they just prefer it this way so that have an excuse to publish inaccurate hype.
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Subject: T-J Extinction event article
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 THE EXTINCTION, at the boundary of the Triassic
                         and Jurassic periods of geologic history, is
similar in its
                         suddenness to two extinction events that have
been linked
                         to space rocks? impacts on the Earth

Balance of article at:

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