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RE: JP3-Spinosaurus]]

Hi all,

In an online article however, that small claw has been attributed to
Figure 4: Enlarged thumb claw of Suchomimus,along with the thumb claws of
Baryonyx and Spinosaurus.

I've got all three claws presented in the article here. They are manual unguals for digits I, II, and III of _Suchomimus_... I don't know how the article came to say that they're from three different animals.

the name to the dinosaur, I guess, Cristatusaurus won't be a valid

Mickey Mortimer has already commented that _Cristatusaurus_ was mentioned in the _Suchomimus_ paper. I agree with Sereno that it is non-diagnostic and does not warrant a new name. The larger question of _Suchomimus_ and _Baronyx_... I agree that we need more complete material, mainly from the latter.

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