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Berislav Krzic (illustrissimus@usa.net) wrote:

<The fossils are from the same area (dried out ancient
lake/inland sea), where Paul Sereno found Suchomimus. Therefore
Suchomimus and Cristatusaurus might be the same animal. If they
prove to be so, since Paul was the first one to give the name to
the dinosaur, I guess, Cristatusaurus won't be a valid name. On
the other side: Suchomimus is awfully similar to Baryonyx, which
complicates things even more. We need some good new additional
material to clear up the confusion.>

  Indeed they were found in the same area in Niger, however
*Cristatusaurus* is diagnostic to the point that it can be
differentiated from both *Baryonyx* and *Spinosaurus maroccanus*
[referred material]. It is a baryonychine. Claw material for
*Spinosaurus* itself is problematic and is probably perpetuated
by the prescence of teeth and vertebrae of the general
similarity to spinosaurines in Africa. They are numerous (verts
and teeth) so this is not unlikely; the problem is the prescence
of a relatively articulated specimen beyond one or two verts or
a maxillary fragment with associated crowns.

Jaime A. Headden

  Where the Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Pampas!!!!

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