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Re: Making Up Names _versus_ Emending Names

<Linnaean ranks have no use beyond their subjective
organization of organisms into discrete and exclusive groups, presuming the
paradigm that organisms are arrayed by their differences, and not by their

Differences are objectively observed, as are similarities, no?  Nothing
inherently subjective yet.

< That differences are somehow major... i[s] an assumption preyed upon by
subjectivity of the
researcher's mind: he sees what makes animals distinct (feathers from
scales, warm blood from cold, legs from fins, gills from lungs, vascular
from non-vascular phyllem, etc.) rather than what makes them related (legs,
fully ossified bones,differentiated pectoral and hyoid elements, etc.)...>

Is similarity a better proof of relationship than difference is a proof of
non-relationship?  There's discussion today on the list about whether a
similarity is significant in showing relationship.  How would you
demonstrate a greater degree of subjectivity in working from differences
than from similarities?

<...organization of organism is not based on descent through any means, but
absolute differentiation.>

You aren't surprised, though, when differentiation does respond to a
substantially different evolutionary origin, are you?

I'm trying to follow your underlying premises in this discussion.  Any
clarification would be appreciated.