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*Tyrannus tyrannus* and Re: MEGABADGERS & SLAVOIA

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Sent: Tuesday, May 08, 2001 11:39 AM

> David Marjanovic wrote...
> > - Do 1-m-long badgers exist (apart from extinct *Deinogalerix*)??? :-/
> [...]
> _Deinogalerix_ was a hedgehog (Erinaceidae).

Thanks. I forget this every single time again :-( .

> Kordikova, E. G., Polly, P. D., Alifanov, V. A., Rocek, Z., Gunnell, G.
> F. and Averianov, A. O. 2001. Small vertebrates from the Late
> Cretaceous and early Tertiary of the northeastern Aral Sea region,
> Kazakstan. _Journal of Paleontology_ 75, 390-400.

Did they really write Kazakstan without h? I'm confused about that state,
because it is usually written Kazakhstan, because it's that in Russian
(KA3AXCTAH, actually), but my brother has stamps that are unambiguously from
KA3AKCTAH (Kazakstan without h). The sounds are IMHO too different that the
Russian version could be a simple misunderstanding (X is like
German/Czech/Scottish/... ch) Does anyone know which is correct?

> Besides various sharks, discoglossids and varanoids,

There were sharks in the Gobi? Must have been quite a wet area...
Discoglossids are frogs, aren't they?

> This is in the same issue as Dave Varricchio's paper about tyrannosaur
> stomach contents.... tyrannosaurs? Wish I had me one of those.

I have a few questions about *Eotyrannus*:
- How long are its arms relative to the legs?
- Is a third metacarpal and/or finger known, and if so, how reduced are
- What do you think about the position of *Iliosuchus* and *Stokesosaurus*?

Regarding the name... if the trend of "Clevelanotyrannus", *Nanotyrannus*,
*Siamotyrannus* and *Eotyrannus* continues, some confusion might arise about
the aggressive little songbird *Tyrannus* and its relatives...
*Tyrannosaurus* may be a sophisticated pun B-) .