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Re: bacteria, dinosaurs, and man

    Even if you don't agree that Metabacteria ("Archaea") evolved from
bacteria (but believe it or not, even Woese briefly admitted this in the
journal Science in 1990)--- it is still undeniable that our

At the risk of speaking non-saurian things it must be said, that in his waning days Carl Woese has dished out a lot of bull shit. Archaea have in no way evolved from (eu)bacteria. They are a sister group of the eukaryotes and their superficial relationships with bacteria are due horizontal transfers of genes- Something we do not seen in resolving animal relationships to such an extant.

P.S. Not to mention that Lynn Margulis believes eukaryotic flagella/cilia
evolved from spirochaetes (also eubacteria). But I have strong doubts about
that theory.

Right this is of course Bull shit

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