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Re: T-J Extinction event article (more media errors?)

> In a message dated 5/12/01 4:02:35 PM EST, tmk@dinosauricon.com writes:
> << Synapsida or Theropsida >>
> If these are clades, then they include the crown group Mammalia. So, why
> simply bring them into Mammalia and broaden the scope of that term,
> of creating a new taxon?

New? Theropsida is something like Seeley, 1888, and Synapsida is at the very
least something like Romer, 1950 (surely it's much older).
        What is best is that Theropsida and Sauropsida were practically
coined as clades (explicitely holophyletic), which predisposes them for use
under the PhyloCode.
        How would you then call the present Mammalia/-formes?

> Saves arguing over which "pre-mammalian" stem groups
> should be included in Mammalia.

PhyloCode will stop that sooner or later by mere authority B-| .