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Re: [Making Up Names _versus_ Emending Names]

<The majority [among a specified group of people] I'm aware have logical
reasons to discard the use of ranks: mine is that they are not only
supremely objective [sic; do you mean subjective?] but that they force a
non-descendant--based organization to animals, in spite of their descent,
rather than to clarify it, and that they arose from a typological
perspective that is defunct and based on -- well, this is not the list to
discuss it -- the disbleif of evolution, even though the persons involved
may consider evolution a valid or actual paradigm in nature.>

Isn't the choice to give any group a separate name at an equivalent level
Remember, too, the principle that it's the idea (or poem or opera, etc) and
not the person.  Some fairly reprehensible people have made essential
contributions.  And, as we've discussed, it is possible to do objective
systematic thinking that includes some non-evolutionary (as opposed to
anti-evolutionary) premises.
The argument from aspersion on motives kind of rankles.