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Re: T-J Extinction event article (more media errors?)

> No, much, much sooner than that, I fear. Who knows how many taxa there
> be 1000 years from now! And they will all have names, too, somewhere in
> literature (assuming science is still being carried on 1000 years from

Okay. 200 years from now :-)
No. I'm sure that never all taxa that can be named will be named, because
nobody needs this.

>  > I like the present system, and I hope that PhyloCode has a long, long,
>  > ultimately losing uphill battle.
>  ...why? >>
> See Mike Benton's paper for several good reasons.

I find this paper quite unconvincing, seems like Benton hasn't read most of
the PhyloCode (www.ohiou.edu/phylocode). I'll see if I can find what was
said on the PhyloCode mailing list about it (it did start a discussion

> Also, the bureaucratic
> problems associated with having to >register< taxonomic names.

AFAIK bacteriologists already have registry, no? Someone does. Bureaucratic
problems, well, the list will be published on the net, and registration will
involve a few e-mails in most cases.

> The
> immutability of taxonomic definitions, no matter how inappropriate they
> later turn out to be.

In the most terrible cases, write a petition to the not-yet-existing ICPN
(International Committee on Phylogenetic Nomenclature)...