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Re: naming nodes

In a message dated 5/14/01 0:50:20 AM EST, Mickey_Mortimer11@email.msn.com 

<< Australosphenida is defined as the monophyletic group
 containing Monotremata, Ausktribosphenida and Ambondro.  This seems fine to
 me, although I'm not familiar with the recent mammalian literature (couldn't
 this just be Prototheria instead?).  Boreosphenida are defined as all
 descendents of the most recent common ancestor of Aegialodontidae and
 Theria.  However, Boreosphenida has the same membership as Tribosphenida.
 It was proposed because the tribosphenic molar was shown to evolve outside
 the Tribosphenida, so the latter wouldn't be an appropriate name for only
 some tribosphenic mammals.  Ughh.  I see why Jaime groaned. >>

It's like I said, only worse. Not only will every node eventually be named, 
but they will be given >several different names<! Right down the garden path, 
ladies and gentlemen. PhyloCode, schmylocode.