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Re: Armour Symposium

One more clarification on the Chicago Tribune article: I am cited as a "
consultant to the animators who did the T. rex in the film 'Jurassic
Park'."  This could easily be misconstrued.  I wasn't even a grad student
and certainly wasn't a consultant when the first movie was made, and did
not do anything related to the 2nd movie either.  I spent a few hours
recently with the ILM animators discussing and previewing some of their
work on JP3, and I have been chatting with one of the animators since then,
but I wouldn't go so far as to call myself a consultant for the films.  To
my knowledge, Jack Horner is the only official consultant for JP3.

Also, the quote from me about the lack of an aerial phase in the JP1 Trex
only applies to the jeep chase scene, which people such as Steve Gatesy
have commented on before anyway (1995 SVP).  I haven't scrutinized the
other footage; there may be an aerial phase somewhere for all I know.

Fun symposium; kudos to the organizers and the Field Museum for helping
things run fairly smoothly and making the speakers feel very welcome.
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