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Re: Armour Symposium Recollections

Hi all:

I must say, echoing Steve Brusatte, that I was also very impressed with the Armour Symposium at FMNH. (I know -- shock! -- a sauropod worker at a theropod symposium!!!!!)

It was great to see Hutchinson's talk on theropod locomotion and elephant "running." =) Big theropods are doing a neat trick by getting big on two legs, and its great to finally have someone like John going beyond the Romer diagrams and really getting into the devil-like details of limb mechanics and the constraints thereof. Awesome!

Matt Carrano complimented John's talk with a broader look at theropod locomotion in four major groups -- there does seem to be an upper limit to theropod size, and of course, the absolutely fabulous sauropods surpassed that no problem. =)

Tom Holtz was extremely enthusiastic, and I'm glad we have him here as our T. rex expert on the list. I think if they had let him, he could have gone on for several hours and all of us at the symposium would have all been held in rapt attention. Please keep up the enthusiasm, Tom!

Hans Larssen's talk on manus formation and digit loss and identity in theropods was very cool and very interesting. Evo/devo is definitely one of the new frontiers of understanding dinosaur evolution and functional morphology. Most excellent.

All the talks were very interesting, and it was great to be there, even if sauropods are better than theropods ... =) And some at the symposium might argue "tastier" as well. =)

Matt Bonnan
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