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Re: Upright fossilisation posture

That also reminds me of a new _Chasmosaurus_ sp. specimen that Dr. Robert Holmes will be describing shortly. As I understand it, it too was preserved in an upright position, and may even reveal some clues as to the posture of the ceratopian forelimb. I saw the specimen myself in collection last year, although much of it is still burried in the matrix.

I await anxiously with the rest of you...

-Jordan Mallon


From: "calzola" <calzola@iol.it>
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Subject: Upright fossilisation posture
Date: Mon, 14 May 2001 19:46:15 +0200

Hi All,
a strange find has been made by the Sino-American crew in inner Mongolia and I just wanted to know if something similar had been reported before: some theropods( ornithomimids) have been found in an upright posture "as if they were crouching[when died]".
I remember reading about some quite similar findings (ankilosaurs and sauropods[?]), but nothing theropodan.

They think they've found a therizinosaur too...cool!


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