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Re: Upright fossilisation posture

> calzola wrote:
> Hi  All,
> a strange find has been made by the Sino-American crew in inner Mongolia and I
> just wanted to know if something similar had been reported before: some
> theropods( ornithomimids) have been found in an upright posture "as if they
> were crouching[when died]".
> I remember reading about some quite similar findings (ankilosaurs and
> sauropods[?]), but  nothing theropodan.
> They think they've found a therizinosaur too...cool!

Although not strictly dinosaurian in the "classic" sense (whatever that is, and
many would disagree), remains of the flightless bird Genyornis have been found
in Australia, where the lower leg bones were preserved as the creature had died
- stuck in the mud beside a shrinking water hole. The legs were still "standing"


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